Our fabulous 6 week yoga challenge starts in 2 weeks!

Hi Urban Soul Community.

Before I discuss the 6 week yoga challenge just a reminder that our 10 class pass for $150 sale ends this Sunday at midnight. After that time 10 class passes go back to $190. With unlimited expiry on these passes it is a great idea to buy now and use later!

We are commencing our next 6 week challenges in a couple of weeks. Our current challenge is going great guns and I’m not sure enough if everyone in the community knows that we are running these comprehensive challenges. We will be commencing the ladies group at 12.30pm on Saturday 28/7 and the mixed group on Sunday 29/7. The challenge is $299 for one person or $550 if you want your partner or friend to join in. If you are already on an unlimited plan I will suspend your plan whilst the challenge is on. All the info regarding the challenge is set out below.

When I took over Urban Soul I had a vision that we would create a community wellness space... yoga would be a big part of what we did however I also wanted us to look at all aspects of wellness and to do what we can in that regard. This 6 week yoga challenge gives us a chance to look at your yoga practice and your health in different ways.

The 6 week Yoga challenge will help support you with your wellness intentions but it is not just a quick fix... rather a program you can adopt for life. Healthy living FOR LIFE is about making consistent, positive changes. In this program we will help set up a 42 day practice that will give you the the tools and support which lead to the kind of transformation which stays with you.

There are 4 parts to the challenge.

1. Your yoga practice. We have an extensive list of over 35 classes a week that suits beginners through to more experienced Yogis. We will tailor a yoga program that suits exactly where you are at. The challenge asks that you attend a minimum of 3 classes a week however you will have an unlimited membership for the 6 weeks so you can do as many classes as you want. One of your 3 weekly classes is the weekend class just for challenge members. The other 2 classes you can select from our weekly timetable

2. Meditation and Breathe work. We will send a weekly email starting with simple meditation and breathing techniques that will work in nicely with your yoga practice. We will also teach meditation and breathwork in your weekly group class. This is a great addition to your yoga practice.

3. Nutrition. There will be 4 effective, easy to use food plans provided. Paleo, Eat Smart, Eat Smart Performance and Eat Smart Vegan. All recipes and some fabulous proven guidelines will be provided to help you with your nutrition goals. We will also a naturopath and a dietician as guest speakers in your weekly class.

4. Self care. We have also included a one hour postural assessment at central to health as well as a hydrotherapy massage in Surry Hills.

Spaces are limited and due to the success of the challenge we are running two class times.

The ladies class commences Saturday 28/7 at 12.30pm.

The mixed class commences Sunday 29/7 at 12.30pm.

Both classes are one hour and they run for 6 weeks.

Here is the link to book your spot. Once you have booked your spot please email me and let me know whether you would prefer to attend the Saturday or Sunday group.


If you have any questions please contact me and I look forward to seeing you further grow your yoga practice in our beautiful wellness space

Wishing you all peace, joy and Mexican Quinoa Salad with Orange Lime Dressing...