My Vision

My vision is to support students to do a regular, safe, enjoyable practice and to make it as easy and as affordable as possible.

Hi Urban Soul Community.

So I have decided to do away with the usual fitness industry rules at Urban Soul. From now on all our class packs will no longer have a use by date. It makes sense to do yoga 1, 2 or 3 times a week but if you haven't been able to get on the mat for a while, you shouldn't be penalised for that!

I will also backdate passes that have expired. If you have an expired pass that had classes left on it, then email me and I will give the pass unlimited expiry.

To celebrate these changes I am offering our 10 class pack at $150 until the 15th of July. You can buy one now and start using it in September...or you can buy a few whilst the price is low.

This extra flexibility falls in line with the recent changes to our $35 weekly unlimited direct debit plan and our new 2 classes a week $25 direct debit plan. These two plans are no longer fixed can start and finish whenever you want, and you can put the plan on hold whenever you want for as long as you want.

Check out all our pass options

It’s as straightforward as it seems and all you need to do is email me if you need something I rules and no paperwork helps makes your practice as relaxed as possible ???

Wishing you all peace, joy and spicy chickpea burgers...