Help us share the Urban Soul story

Help us share the Urban Soul story

Hi Urban Soul Community.

The idea behind Urban Soul was to create a community where everyone feels welcome to join us and share in the beautiful practice of yoga. We truly believe in yoga for every body and are proud to see how the Urban Soul community supports that at each and every class. I continually get amazing feedback from the students sharing how much they enjoy the energy in our studio.

So let's share this wonderful energy by doing one or all of the following:


If you have something groovy to say or even if you just want to give us an old fashioned compliment then click these links to your favorite site (or two or all three!) to find Urban Soul and share your review.

Here's the links for you to quickly find us:

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Super easy, just use the links below or search us, Urban Soul Raw, in your app to 'follow' on Instagram and 'like' us on Facebook. This is where we will be sharing stories of our Urban Soul community. You will also find updates regarding classes, our awesome teachers, events, challenges as well as some good ol' yogi inspiration.

Urban Soul Raw on Facebook

Urban Soul Raw on Instagram


Our hope is to share one photo a week of our community on Facebook and Instagram. We just need a bit more from you to do this!

So take a selfie or have a friend snap a photo of you in your favorite pose, a random pose, or even just of your smiling face. Even cooler if you take it at the studio! :)

Then let us know what brings you to practice with us. Easy peasy :)

Email it back to me with your Instagram # if you have one and if you complete all of the steps above you will be entered to win ONE FREE MONTH of yoga! Whether you have prepaid for the year, pay by the week, or by the class I will make sure to honour a full month of yoga for you. Just for sharing a bit of yourself with us!!!!

Thanks for helping us to continue to grow, I look forward to seeing you all at the studio soon.

Wishing you all peace, joy and Acai Bowls!