To get a good idea of level of class difficulty please visit our class description page. Our Foundations and Slow Flow classes are the perfect yoga for beginners: a slower class – but still strong – where you’ll learn alignment techniques and get useful tips on how to practice and what to expect in the future. At first it may seem challenging or hard. For sure, the physical postures will be difficult. You may be aching for days (even if you thought you were in good shape before starting) because you’re using muscles you’ve never “exercised” before. You might want to throw the towel in, but you’ve got to be SUPER patient. Give the practice time to work its magic. You’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you only go five times and think it isn’t working. If you're serious about growing, you've got to give it a regular schedule.

Tips for beginners

Do your best to stay for the entire duration.
Learn by watching and listening to the teacher and to your body.
If you need to rest, it's okay. Listen to your body and take a rest.
Should you feel dizzy or out of breath at any point, take a deep breathe, sit down, and relax.
Be patient. It usually takes about ten classes before you get into the flow of the class.

All classes in blue on the timetable page are also very suited to new students.