Be guided into your more relaxed self with meditation teacher Ross Lipschitz. Learn some simple and easy meditation practices in a laid back environment. We will cover some breathing exercises to calm your nervous system and meditation exercises to work towards clearing your mind, letting go of the overwhelming worries of life and bringing yourself into the bliss of the present moment. Think of it as yoga for the brain

1.30pm Saturday 17th November
Free Workshop

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Have you ever wondered why some people never get sick when the flu goes around the office? Or those that can eat & drink rubbish where others need to stay clean & organic to feel great. Its all about Adaptive Capacity! The greater your Adaptive Capacity, the more your body can “roll with the punches” of life, or for some that’s the more you can “mis-behave” before paying the consequences!

One of the keys to thriving rather than surviving is to increase your Adaptive Capacity & we’re here to help you do just that. 4 members of the Central To Health team will be conducting a bunch of assessments (postural, neurological, cranial/jaw and heart rate variability) that can help you find a way to increase your resilience chemically, physically, emotionally & mentally. Come armed with your questions & an enquiring mind and let us help you unlock the amazing self-healing, self-regulating capacity of your own body.

1.30pm Saturday 24th November
Free Workshop

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Amber Sewell-Green is one of a small handful of accredited plant-based dietitian's currently practising in Australia. In this hands on workshop Amber will get  back to grass roots and discuss the fundamentals of plant-based meal planning. Making what can seem complex and overwhelming into a simple formula that's a breeze to apply to any day or meal.

1.30pm to 2.30pm Saturday 1st December
Free Workshop

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Does your life feel balanced?
Where can you improve...and how do you make the change?
Would you like the tools to create your own goals and meaningful change?

This workshop with Life Coach Louise Bodlander will provide you with some simple techniques to review the important aspects of your life. We will explore how each of these areas is currently serving you.  Come along for an interactive, fun and reflective life balancing session that will open your awareness and help create positive ongoing change.

1.30pm  Saturday 8th December
Free Workshop

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6 week series commencing 24th October

Mums & Bubs is a great opportunity to connect with yourself after pregnancy and birth AND connect with other mums and babies within your community. These classes develop physical strength and flexibility within a vinyasa sequence.

Wednesday 24th October
11.15am to 12.15pm

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Advanced Flow

Similar to Dynamic Flow however expect even more heat and more of a focus on advanced yoga poses.

Both Sanskrit and English terms for postures will be used.

Suitability: Suited to experienced Yogis.
Duration: 60 minutes

New 5 week cycle commences on Friday 28th September and will be focused on inversions. You can start the classes at any time in the cycle.

Week 1-2 – Breakdown Traditional Headstand and forearm balance
Week 3-5 – Breakdown Tri-pod headstand

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Deep Relaxation Therapy

This class now runs from 7.45pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday evenings

This class is an antidote for the daily stress of urban life. A fun and gentle exploration of various techniques for cultivating mindfulness and entering deep relaxation. A typical class will take students on a journey to quieten our mind, connect with our body, stretch our imagination muscles, generate loving-kindness and move towards a state of flow.

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Yoga Foundations

Starting 29th October
6 week cycle

Our Foundations class is suitable for those who are new to yoga, those who haven't been near a yoga mat for a while or who want to rediscover the basics.

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Explore your strength, mobility, balance and breath in a step-by-step approach.

New 6 week cycle commences 17th September. You can start attending the classes at any week of the cycle.

Foundations will follow a 6 week cycle. Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes will do the following

Both the Monday and Saturday class will do the following
Week one: Sun Salutations/Warriors
Week two: Balance (static and Dynamic)
Week three: Hips/Forward Bends
Week four: Functional Core/Twists
Week five: Backbends
Week six: Restorative/Yin Yoga


12.30pm-1.30pm on Fridays
7pm-8pm on Sundays

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Applying mindfulness to movement

Learn to listen to the sensory feedback signals of your body as you explore new movement patterns, developing your co-ordination, balance & spatial awareness, looking for the most supported & effective way of moving to find a sense of ease & connection. Improving how you move changes how you feel. If you would like read more about Feldenkrais, please download the Info Sheet.

Feldenkrais next six week block commencing 2nd November is ‘Powered by Pelvis’. You can start the classes at any time in the cycle.

02/11 & 04/11 – spiralling up and down: from sitting to standing
09/11 & 11/11 – rolling
16/11 & 18/11 – what exactly are you engaging?
23/11 & 25/11 – pelvic clock
30/11 & 02/12 – pelvis lifted
07/12 & 09/12 – bringing your leg behind

Get Yin-spired and find your flow for 2019

When:  Fri Feb 22 - Sun Feb 24
Where:  Govinda Valley Retreat Centre

Connect with the Urban Soul community for a rejuvenating yoga retreat weekend. Refresh your body and set your intention for 2019 with daily Yin, Flow & Restorative Yoga, Feldenkrais, Meditation & Yoga Nidra, plus solo time to relax and unwind in the beautiful nourishing surrounds of Govinda Valley.

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