Mums And Bubs

Mums and Bubs yoga is a great opportunity to connect with yourself after pregnancy and birth AND connect with other mums and babies within your community. These classes develop physical strength and flexibility within a vinyasa sequence and are a heap of fun for Mums and Bubs!

From Tuesday 26th Feb
11.00am to midday

$120 6-week pass
$25 drop in rate.

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Strength and Mobility

Our weekly Strength & Mobility class is focused around learning how you can teach your body to move in a variety of different ways using your strength and mobility.  The class is not only great for improving the way you can hold and flow through your yoga practice but it is also fantastic for improving the way you move in everyday life. By building better strength and mobility things like yoga, playing with your kids in the park or sitting at a desk all day working on something you love will be a more enjoyable activity as you'll be able to hold and move your body with ease.

Wednesdays 4 - 5pm
Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 60 minutes

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Progressive Flow

A dynamic practice focusing on more challenging asana/yoga poses including arm balances, transitions, and inversions. Designed for students wanting to progress their yoga practice. This class will incorporate some workshop and partner assisted elements from time to time.

Classes include pranayama (breath work and techniques).

This class is part of the normal timetable.

Suitability: Students who are ready to take their practice to the next level and have attended at least 5-8 Dynamic Flow classes.
Duration: 60 minutes

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Yoga Foundations

21st January
4th March
15th April
6 week cycle

Our Foundations class is suitable for those who are new to yoga, those who haven't been near a yoga mat for a while or who want to rediscover the basics.

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Explore your strength, mobility, balance and breath in a step-by-step approach.

Next 6 week cycle commences 21st January, then 4th March and 15th April. You can start attending the classes at any week if the cycle,

Foundations will follow a 6 week cycle. Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes will do the following

Both the Monday and Saturday class will do the following
Week one: Sun Salutations/Warriors
Week two: Balance (static and Dynamic)
Week three: Hips/Forward Bends
Week four: Functional Core/Twists
Week five: Backbends
Week six: Restorative/Yin Yoga


12.30pm-1.30pm on Fridays
7pm-8pm on Sundays

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Feldenkrais is a kinaesthetic learning process that brings the mindfulness of meditation to how you move and feel.

You discover how subtle details in how you do something can make a big difference in how supported and connected it feels. It’s about reducing effort, honing ease, becoming calmer and more adaptable.

We explore a different focus each time and we're more interested in how you feel afterwards than whether you get it 'right'. As the flavour of each session can be quite varied it’s recommended you come along to a couple of classes consecutively to really sample the benefits you can receive from it. People often feel calmer, lighter yet grounded. You might notice changes in your mood, your spatial awareness, your co-ordination or your balance.

If you would like read more about Feldenkrais, please download the Info Sheet.

Feldenkrais next six week block commencing 8th March is ‘Breath: the treasure in your chest’. You can start the classes at any time in the cycle.

Fri 08/03 & Sun 10/03 - Breathing in different positions
Fri 15/03 & Sun 17/03 - Leg to chest connection
Fri 22/03 & Sun 24/03 - Arm to chest connection
Fri 29/03 & Sun 31/03 - Head to chest connection
Fri 05/04 & Sun 07/04 - The space inside
Fri 12/04 & Sun 14/04 - Flexible folding

Connecting yin-wards!

When:  Fri August 9th - Sun August 11th
Where:  Govinda Valley Retreat Centre

A weekend of compassionate reflection focusing on your inner journey through yoga, meditation and community. Refresh your body with daily Yin, Flow & Restorative Yoga, Feldenkrais, Meditation & Yoga Nidra, plus solo time to relax and unwind in the beautiful nourishing surrounds of Govinda Valley.

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