We've ordered our classes from foundation to advanced level so you can find the right class for your body.


Your body is designed to move.

A class focused on moving your body well and breaking down functional movement patterns. Inspired by various movement modalities (Corrective Exercise, Somatics, Yoga, Myofascial Release and FRC) and the cutting edge of science this class offers an opportunity to explore and adapt your own unique way of moving to cultivate awareness, stability, strength, mobility, coordination and overall balance to improve everyday movement patterns.

This class moves at an accessible pace, waking up the body thoughtfully and methodically with the assistance of blocks, straps, massage balls and other tools.

Suitable for all levels
Duration : 60 minutes


Our Foundations class is suitable for those who are new to yoga, those who haven't been near a yoga mat for a while or who want to rediscover the basics. Explore your strength, mobility, balance and breath in this step-by-step approach. Gain confidence and learn how to customize your practice to your own body for better overall movement, tone, strength, length and safety in a safe, supportive and encouraging space.

Suitability: no previous yoga experience required.
Duration: 60 minutes

You can commence the 6 week cycle at any time.

6 week cycles in 2021 commence 11th Jan, 22nd Feb, 5th April, 10th May and 28th June.

The Monday and Saturday class will do the following

Week one: Sun Salutations/Warriors
Week two: Balance (static and Dynamic)
Week three: Hips/Forward Bends
Week four: Functional Core/Twists
Week five: Backbends
Week six: Restorative/Yin Yoga


Yoga Calm is a lush 90 minute mix of simple breathing techniques, soothing gentle postures and a 20 min yoga nidra to help you unwind and let go of your week. You’ll leave the class feeling calm, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Suitable: All levels
Duration: 90 mins


In Yin yoga you will hold postures, generally performed on the floor, for a longer period of time so that the connective tissue (fascia) can be gently stretched. Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of Yoga. Find length in this class while allowing stillness for deep relaxation and restoration.

Bolsters are a great benefit in Yin classes so please bring a large towel to put over our studio bolster.

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 60 minutes


A class that blends Dao Yin with Stretch Therapy and Somatics. Longer holds infused with subtle, fluid movement, that help lubricate your connective tissue and remove myo-fascial adhesions. PNF (sometimes assisted) and static stretching, at times with a pinch of light dynamic stretching, to both strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve mood, fully relax, breathe better, sleep better. All levels welcome. Especially suited to people with movement restrictions, chronic pain sufferers, athletes and body builders with very tight fascia, people with busy minds, anxiety sufferers.

Bolsters are a great benefit in Yin classes so please bring a large towel to put over our studio bolster.

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 60 minutes unless advised otherwise.


All the above classes are setup for beginners however more experienced Yogis tend to enjoy the classes as well. The classes below are for students looking for a more challenging class and looking to grow their practice.


A fusion of Stretch Therapy with mixed mobility methodologies, yoga, Pilates, animal locomotion patterns, Fighting Monkey™ and more - for a holistic and varied movement experience. Each class focuses on a theme, and comprises elements of dynamic and ballistic stretching, functional strengthening, myo-fascial remodelling, rhythm, coordination, neural re-patterning and relaxation. “I saw my doctor yesterday and we were marvelling how since I started doing this practice I am now free of the bodily aches and pains that normally plague folks of my age. No bad backs, no sore legs, no headaches. It’s really been the most significant health impact of my life and such an important modality for the ageing body too, since the focus is on mobility and achieving bodily ease.” (student testimony). It can be practiced safely by men and women of all ages (including pregnant women and children), no matter the fitness level, since lots of options are provided.

Suitability: all levels
Duration: 60 minutes


Open Flow classes are light and creative. Poses are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses a little slower to ensure alignment and movement with breath.

This is an excellent class in which to progress your yoga practice after beginning with our blue classes. Further learn the core asanas (postures) for your Flow practice.

Open Flow classes taught by Melanie Shafer are suitable for all levels and are a great way to build your practice. Melanie’s open flow are in blue on the timetable

Suitability:  experience is an advantage however all levels can benefit from this class.
Duration: 60 minutes


Start your day right and get moving with a vinyasa flow that will both energize you for your day and build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. With modifications and variations for everyone, this class is suitable for all levels. Come ready to tune into your breath, calm your mind, and play in your practice!

Suitable: Experience is an advantage however all levels can benefit from this class.
Duration: 60 mins


This style increases cardiovascular and strength due to a faster passed flow between postures, and the number of postures approached. Movements are synchronized with the breath and more advanced poses are introduced.

Both Sanskrit and English terms for postures will be used.

Suitability: This is a stronger class suited to yogis who feel confident in transitioning between poses.
Duration: 60 minutes


A dynamic practice focusing on more challenging asana/yoga poses including arm balances, transitions, and inversions. Designed for students wanting to progress their yoga practice. This class will incorporate some workshop and partner assisted elements from time to time.

Classes include pranayama (breath work and techniques).

This class is part of the normal timetable.

Suitability: Students who are ready to take their practice to the next level and have attended at least 5-8 Dynamic Flow classes.
Duration: 60 minutes