Megan started her yoga journey over 13 years ago, originally coming to yoga to help her physical form as a professional dancer. A feeling of oneness with others and the beginning of true self acceptance began. Megan studied her 200hrs yoga training under Idit Hefer at Sukha Mukha studios where she deepened her love and curiosity of Yoga. Megan’s classes focus on building an understanding of the human body through observation and acceptance, whilst simultaneously finding room for the spirit to reside within. In Megan’s classes, you will learn the importance of linking breath to every movement so that you eventually use your breath to move in to any asana (pose) unconsciously. Megan offers intuitive and safe hands on anatomical adjustments to ensure correct alignment and help yogis to move deeper in to their own practice. Megan’s classes will leave you feeling stretched, invigorated, self empowered and above all rested – as you’ve started to gradually peel away what no longer serves you so that you can be the best version of yourself.