Kids Yoga enrollments now open for Term 3

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Wednesday 4th October
Weekly on Wednesdays from October 25th

Sound Healing Meditation encourages a deep relaxation which allows you to heal at a profound level.

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Monday 11th September
Monday 9th October
8 - 9:15pm

Join us for 75 mins of magic in this Anahata elemental yoga class. It is a unique, playful, flowing and holistic style of hatha yoga designed to integrate the mind, body and spirit and unify us with our heart.

This class is accessible for everyone regardless of flexibility, age or fitness.

Saturday 21st October

Celebrate the simple joys of life with rhythmic movement, music, mantra, meditation, deep relaxation and therapeutic sound.

Specifically designed sound sequences encourage deep relaxation as your whole being interacts with the sonic vibrations of bright shiny mirror gongs and crystal singing bowls,  letting your spirit soar with renewed optimism, illuminated through immersion in the sound meditation.

~ floating on a cloud of sound allows healing to occur at a deep level ~

No experience necessary to let go, flow, float and fly ...
Bring a light shawl or blanket to cover you and be prepared for complete lightness of being...

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