Newsletter September 2017

Yoga Teacher Training...I can't believe it!

Hi Urban Soul Community

So I have returned from the West Coast...briefly spent a week in the studio saying hello to everyone...had my 15 minutes of fame on National TV...or should I say 5 mins and 18 seconds of fame and of I go again tomorrow to spend 6 weeks in a rainforest near the Qld Border to do my yoga teacher training....aint life grand!

Today is my birthday and I can't believe how much yoga continues to give me a quality of life beyond my wildest dreams...I feel very blessed considering at 50 I thought I was near the end of my life and now at 53 I only feel like its half time!

I am going to blog daily whilst on teacher training...going to have some fun doing a shared pose series with the other students and retreat guests similar to the West Coast 30 studios in 30 days challenge. I will also share about the many new classes that are coming to Urban Soul....they are amazing, holistic and very innovative! More info below!

if you are that way inclined please check us out on

Facebook: @urbansoulraw

Instagram: #urbansoulrawyoga

See you all in 6 weeks however if you want to get in touch regarding anything thats going on in the studio or to discuss the survey, I will be checking and responding to my emails every evening :)

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Newsletter August 2017

30 yoga classes in 30 days is a fun thing to do!

Hi Urban Soul Community

If you aren't aware I am on a 30 yoga studios in 30 days adventure along the west coast of the USA...I'm on day 19 of my adventure, I have visited LA, San Diego and Vancouver and I am currently in Seattle. I will finish with a week in San Francisco :)

I have visited some amazing studios and will be bringing back many ideas to implement at Urban Soul....if you want to have a look at some funky studios and classes and see where I have been please visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

By the way....attending 19 classes in 19 days has been absolutely awesome whilst travelling....I have not missed out on doing the touristy things and I truly believe I have more energy and time to embrace the whole west coast experience...a daily practice is so important to me and the yogi community worldwide is a kind, friendly place.....

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then and now

I'm extremely grateful for my quality of life today. A couple of years ago I was on 10 different pills, had breathing problems and many other issues and thought I would never be healthy again. I would visit wonderful places through my work and not leave my hotel! A friend suggested a plant based diet and I also commenced yoga and today my life is way beyond my wildest dreams! Different things become important, I bought a yoga studio and many pairs of harem pants and I now hang out with amazing, conscious people who help me grow each day. Tomorrow I head to the west coast of the USA for a month to experience my first real healthy holiday. I'm going to visit a different groovy yoga studio every day and I'm also going to have a yummy salad at a different cafe/restaurant for 30 days as well...I'm then going to share my experiences with you all cos that's what you do! I'm so excited!!!

See my photos and read about my adventures on Instagram