Groovy changes to our pricing at Urban Soul

Groovy changes to our pricing at Urban Soul

Hi Urban Soul Community.

I believe we have an amazing community and a gorgeous space to do yoga. I'm proud of our beautiful studio.

The community continues to thrive and grow which is fabulous yet I wonder about the students that don't return! How do we get them back?

We have a wide range of classes, great teachers, lots of times to choose from and we are readily available for a chat on how to maintain your practice. I know we can't please all the people all the time but I would like to hope that we are extremely welcoming and if you are looking at a regular practice we have everything covered.

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Groovy events to help kick start 2018

Happy New Year to the Urban Soul Community --

The start of every year takes you a step closer to the attainment of your dreams. If it hasn't already happened for you I hope this year is the breakthrough one and your dreams finally turn into reality. If the 31st of December signifies the end of a year, the 1st of January signifies the beginning. You have life; you have hope, go out there and accomplish all that you want.

Happy 2018!

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Newsletter January 2018

Hi Urban Soul Community

Due to a few recent bigger classes we have decided to cap our class size at 22. This will make sure everyone has enough space for their practice. Its great to see the community growing and it is always hard to turn students away from a yoga class but if you are the 23rd person we will have to do that in the future. To avoid missing out I recommend you book online. How to book...

This Friday is Australia Day and we will be running Slow Flow classes at 9.30am with Emily and at 5.15pm with Claire. Class schedule

Mel returns this Saturday......once Mel returns we are back to our regular teaching crew.

We have another fabulous free Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop this Sunday 1.30-3pm. Whats on

A combined Qi Gong/Tai Chi class is commencing for 60 mins on Saturdays from the 3/2. More info in next weeks newsletter and Im really excited about this edition to the regular timetable.

Just a reminder that the yoga and lifestyle 30 day wellness challenge is a great way to build a regular practice and the students that have started the challenge are beginning to see some great results :)

Wishing you all peace, joy and mung beans... see you soon  :)

Frank Baran
Studio owner and yoga addict 🙏

Newsletter December 2017

Introducing our amazing new yoga and lifestyle 30 day wellness initiative

Its been my goal to offer more than yoga classes. Yoga classes of course are a big part of the studio. Urban Soul is a gentle, authentic space where everyone who walks through the door feels a sense of calm and comfortability. Our teachers are compassionate and knowledgable and your safety and health is our primary focus.

However as you all know yoga is more than the physical practice and I am introducing a more complete wellness program for our students.
Our Yoga and Lifestyle 30 day wellness initiative includes over $300 of value with the following:

  • A 30 minute initial consultation.
    An individually tailored program for the month that addresses any parts of your practice where you want to change
    A revolutionary 21 day nutrition program to help you get healthy
    A home meditation program to be followed daily for the month
    45 min Remedial massage valued at $60
    Postural assessment valued at $120

This is an amazing program to kickstart the new year or to commence anytime. At $79 for existing students it is a great offer for new and experienced yogis. To book the program please click here

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Newsletter November 2017

Unlimited fortnightly membership for $58

Hi Urban Soul Community.

Yoga is amazing. The more you do the better you feel. For the month of November we are reducing our unlimited fortnightly direct debit membership to $58. For less than the cost of 3 classes a fortnight you can do as many as you want!
If you need a little extra incentive to get to 2 or more classes a week - this is definitely the deal for you. We are continuing to add classes to the timetable and you can join here

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Newsletter October 2017 Reminder


Hi Urban Soul Community

Just a reminder that the new timetable started this week and we have 5 new classes.
Tuesday 7.45pm is the return of Candlelight Yoga and Meditation
Thursday 8am and Sunday 5.30pm is the introduction of Yoga Calm
Saturday 11am we welcome back Yoga Foundations
Sunday 2pm we have created a space for toddlers with our pre-k warriors class.

Here is the timetable

And class descriptions

We also have 2 great events on this Saturday.
At 1-3pm we are having a Girls Night In fundraiser for the Cancer Council
At 6-7.30pm there is an amazing Diwali Sound Celebration with Christine Goodman

Here are Saturdays events in more detail

Wishing you all peace, joy and mung beans

Frank Baran
Studio owner and yoga addict 🙏

Newsletter October 2017

New Timetable commencing 16 October!

Hi Urban Soul Community....:)....Hope you are all well.

We have a wonderful new timetable commencing next Monday 16/10. Here is the link

We have added some extra classes and renamed a few classes and I believe this is our best balance yet!  An explanation of all the classes can be found here

The 6.15am morning classes are now called Sunrise Flow. Suitable for all students this is a great way to start your day.  Flow and Forrest yoga have been renamed Dynamic Flow. Generally suited to students with a bit more experience however students fairly new to their practice are welcome. Sunday morning 8am is now a dynamic flow class as well.

Slow Flow remains Slow Flow. Suitable for all students, this class tends to build a stronger practice as you hold your poses for a bit longer.

Below is some more info on the different classes available

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Newsletter August 2017

30 yoga classes in 30 days is a fun thing to do!

Hi Urban Soul Community

If you aren't aware I am on a 30 yoga studios in 30 days adventure along the west coast of the USA...I'm on day 19 of my adventure, I have visited LA, San Diego and Vancouver and I am currently in Seattle. I will finish with a week in San Francisco :)

I have visited some amazing studios and will be bringing back many ideas to implement at Urban Soul....if you want to have a look at some funky studios and classes and see where I have been please visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

By the way....attending 19 classes in 19 days has been absolutely awesome whilst travelling....I have not missed out on doing the touristy things and I truly believe I have more energy and time to embrace the whole west coast experience...a daily practice is so important to me and the yogi community worldwide is a kind, friendly place.....

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then and now

I'm extremely grateful for my quality of life today. A couple of years ago I was on 10 different pills, had breathing problems and many other issues and thought I would never be healthy again. I would visit wonderful places through my work and not leave my hotel! A friend suggested a plant based diet and I also commenced yoga and today my life is way beyond my wildest dreams! Different things become important, I bought a yoga studio and many pairs of harem pants and I now hang out with amazing, conscious people who help me grow each day. Tomorrow I head to the west coast of the USA for a month to experience my first real healthy holiday. I'm going to visit a different groovy yoga studio every day and I'm also going to have a yummy salad at a different cafe/restaurant for 30 days as well...I'm then going to share my experiences with you all cos that's what you do! I'm so excited!!!

See my photos and read about my adventures on Instagram