Chakra Balancing Yoga

Saturdays 1.30pm-3.00pm on 21st and 28th April 2018

Cost pre-paid 1 Week: $35 or 2 Weeks: $60 or $40 on the door for each workshop

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Open and balance the 7 chakras; energy centres in the body. Cat will assist you to explore how specific asana poses can benefit your relationships, together with affirmations and via sound though mantra chants that will awaken and balance the chakras. Includes sound healing with crystal singing and Tibetan bowls. You'll experience a new sense of peace, strength, creativity and connection. Alignment with your higher self, opening oneself to your highest potential and purpose in this lifetime.

Cat has been teaching yoga for 10 years and has a special interest in relating Ancient yogic wisdom into our everyday existence. Chakra wisdom is the very essence of all yoga. With our modern world rapidly evolving and fast pace urban living, the awakening and balancing of the chakras for each person has never been so relevant to the surrounding communities we live in and beyond to create true and meaningful relationships and connections. We will explore the Ancient yogic text from yogi’s who have walked the kundalini path before us to understand the power and usage of these esoteric energy centres; called chakras.

Symbology is very important for awakening and balancing the chakras

Chakras relate to human consciousness and spiritual evolution. Each chakra is represented by a colour, a yantra (geometrical shape), a bija mantra in Sanskrit (sacred seed sound), an animal symbol, higher or divine beings and a lotus flower with a specific number of petals.

Cat will share teachings from her Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Sivananda Bihar Yoga trainings, Tantric and Shamanic knowledge. Suited to all levels.

It is advised to contact Cat 1 week prior to workshop to ensure you are prepared and if required start a cleansing diet and daily mantra meditation 3 days prior to this deep soulful workshop.

For information contact Cat 0433421937 and for bookings go online to Urban Soul Raw link.

Nurture Your Nervous System Sound Healing Workshop

Saturday 26th May

A rejuvenating sound healing workshop to strengthen, soothe and recalibrate.
Immersion in the sonic vibrations of resonant gongs and singing bowls stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing deep restoration and renewal to occur.

These events are very popular so bookings are essential to secure a place.

Investment: $35

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Prenatal Yoga

Wednesday’s 12.30pm-1.30pm
6 week program accessible at anytime starting Wednesday 4th April

Cost is $120 for a 6 week block

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Practicing yoga and focused movement during pregnancy is most likely the best and healthiest way to prepare your body and mind for the wonderful adventure that is welcoming your child.

Not only will prenatal methodologies of movement help strengthen your body and improve mobility all throughout the 3 trimesters, they’ll also provide you with that mental and emotional support during labour and birth.

Our signature Urban Soul Raw prenatal yoga course will arm you with the necessary tools to seamlessly transition toward parenthood keeping strong, balanced, energised, cardio-fit and mobile.

This is a six week rolling series which you can start at any time, whether you have lots or no prior yoga experience. Classes are gentle, flowing and meditative, we focus on your absolute safety and cater through a wealth of modifications on the postures and transitions - for complications such as placenta previa, gestational diabetes, oedema, pre-eclampsia, oligohydramnios, and more.

Women are encouraged to listen to and be kind to their bodies, and work at a level that’s appropriate for how they’re feeling class after class. We use a combination of yoga postures, Pilates exercises for pregnancy, Stretch Therapy, meditation, and breathing techniques.

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Fridays 11.00am-12 noon
6 week series starting Friday 6th April

Cost: $120 (for the 6 weeks)

Therapeutic classes for Health Recovery
Yoga, Meditation, Deep Relaxation

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This is a NEW SERIES with a focus on MOOD DISORDERS :
Bringing yoga into healthcare with breathwork, gentle movement, rhythm, relaxation, meditation and healing sound helping to restore your vitality and create a deep sense of inner connection and calm.

Drawing on a range of evidence based practices to best serve your individual situations including kundalini yoga therapy, integrative restoration, yoga nidra, yoga for mood management and yogic science to break habits and addictive behaviours.

These local classes are for anyone recovering from serious health issues - you are welcome to ring to discuss your situation.  This is a closed group to best serve the needs of all participants.

Yoga therapy meets you where you are right now and takes you to where you need to be with simple, understandable and useful techniques and practices.

Please contact us in advance if you are interested in joining this group as an initial assessment of your needs will be required.

Christine has undertaken a range of specialist studies and has had experience in Cancer and Immune disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression, and Recovery from Addictive Behaviour. She has taught a wide range of students of all ages and backgrounds.

The gift of a wise investment for your own health and wellbeing.


Feldenkrais 6 week series
Commencing April 6th
12.30pm-1.30pm on Fridays
$120  Bookings essential

Applying mindfulness to movement

Learn to listen to the sensory feedback signals of your body as you explore new movement patterns, developing your co-ordination, balance & spatial awareness,
looking for the most supported & effective way of moving to find a sense of ease & connection.

Improving how you move changes how you feel.

If you would like read more about Feldenkrais, please download the Info Sheet.

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Advanced Poses Masterclass

Every 2nd Sunday of the month
12.30-1.45pm commencing May 13

Advanced Poses Masterclass will be a time for more experienced Yogis to spice up their practice with some advanced poses. 3 of our most experienced teachers are excited to bring this program to the studio where they all get a chance to focus on their specialities.

There will be backbends, inversions, arm balances, side crows, firefly, advanced bending and twisting and beyond...all as part of our normal pricing structure!

Yoga Foundations

Starting 2nd April 2018
6 week cycle

Our Foundations class is suitable for those who are new to yoga, those who haven't been near a yoga mat for a while or who want to rediscover the basics.

Explore your strength, mobility, balance and breath in a step-by-step approach.

From the 2nd of April Foundations will follow a 6 week cycle. Both the Monday and Saturday class will do the following

Week one: Sun Salutations
Week two: Warrior Poses
Week three: Balancing Poses
Week four: Triangle Series
Week five: Hip Openers and Forward Bending
Week six: Twisting