Friday Night Immersion

Friday 24th November
$25 Urban Soul Members
$30 Guests

Rua Hvitulv

From a history as a teacher of sciences, to a journalist writing about the Mafia in the heated Neapolitan metropolis, to a multi-disciplinary artist fiddling with print and the web, Rua has changed lives a few times over. The only thing that​ has been​stick​ing​​ throughout​is her passion for learning​,​and sharing mindful experiences rather than just knowledge - and that’s how today she is a dedicated meditation facilitator, a stretch therapist and a multi-style yoga instructor.

​She is striving​ to teach - or perhaps even better, facilitate yoga, and movement - the way​ she would have always wanted to be taught. ​Her long-term goal is to gather around ​her a new generation of practitioners who think of yoga ​​and all its​ ​offshoots critically, not superstitiously, who aspire to work healthily and live mindfully; to offer a resource for those who want to approach it from a different angle; to offer a space for those who have tried and failed to get into it many times before, to try once more.

About the Artist..

Reinis Jaunais (Young) is a travelling guitar player from Riga, Latvia who has played all around Europe for years sharing his exceptional guitar skills and original songs using different kinds of guitar playing techniques - including tapping, percussive, and finger-picking.

Reinis has travelled a lot. He started to compose his own solo music when he was busking on a street while he was hitchhiking all around Europe and Asia. Recently he has started to play more official concerts instead of busking - so far he has performed in Europe, as well as in New Zealand and Cyprus.

Reinis Young has released four solo albums - Plika ģitāra (2013), Draugu orķestris (2015), Gaišs (2016) and Tumšs (2017). The last album was released together with his band Reinis Young Trio.

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Sundays: 2-3pm
Cost:   $20 per Class.

Suitable for: Ages 3 - 5 years

Why yoga for children ?

The experiences we share with children in the early years are crucial for their development. It influences the way they think, feel and act. Apart from trying to figure out who they are and who they are becoming , their little bodies are tangled with big emotions that they might not know how to deal with yet (something even us as adults are all too familiar with).

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