6.30pm Friday 21/9 Advanced Flow will not be on this week due to our special Fringe Festival event “Getting Ribbed”

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:15am Sunrise Flow Sunrise Flow Sunrise Flow
Sunrise Flow Sunrise Flow
8:00am Dynamic Flow Dynamic Flow
9:30am Yoga Calm Dynamic Flow YinYang Yoga Calm Slow Flow Slow Flow Yin
11:00am Yoga Foundations
 Stretch Therapy
12:30pm Slow Flow Loving Kindness
Slow Flow Feldenkrais
1:30pm Stretch Therapy
4:00pm YinYang Community Yoga
5:15pm Slow Flow Dynamic Flow Slow Flow Dynamic Flow Slow Flow 5:30pm
Yoga Calm
6:30pm Dynamic Flow Slow Flow Dynamic Flow Yin Advanced Flow
7:45pm Yoga
Yoga &
Yoga Calm

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All classes in blue are a more restorative practice suited to beginners, returning students, students with injuries and senior students. Students with a regular practice are also suited to these classes. If you are new to yoga please click HERE for further info...

All weekday classes 60 minutes. All weekend classes 75 mins.

No equipment required. Mats and other props provided at no cost.

To stay up to date with any changes, please see our LIVE timetable and to BOOK into any of our classes ....CLICK HERE