We've ordered our classes from foundation to advanced level so you can find the right class for your body.

Deep Relaxation Therapy


This class is an antidote for the daily stress of urban life. A fun and gentle exploration of various techniques for cultivating mindfulness and entering deep relaxation. A typical class will take students on a journey to quieten our mind, connect with our body, stretch our imagination muscles, generate loving-kindness and move towards a state of flow.

Classes will include a fluid combination of gentle mobility and breath-work, guided visualisation, Qi Gong, self-relaxation and eye-yoga; designed to empower students with tools that they can use to return to return to balance at any time and to deepen their personal practice.

Suitability: All levels
Duration: 45 minutes

Loving Kindness Yoga


A gentle, calming practice focusing on restorative, soothing poses and breathing techniques. If you haven’t tried yoga before this is a great way to start.

Suitability: All levels.
Duration: 60 minutes



Applying mindfulness to movement. Learn to listen to the sensory feedback signals of your body as you explore new movement patterns, developing your co-ordination, balance & spatial awareness. looking for the most supported & effective way of moving to find a sense of ease & connection. Improving how you move changes how you feel.

Suitable for all levels
Duration : 60 minutes

New 6 week cycle commences Friday September 21. You can start the classes at any time in the cycle.

Your feet and Terra Firma!

21/09 – The soles of your feet
28/09 – Foot in hand
05/10 & 07/10 – On hands and feet
12/10 & 14/10 – Feet on wall
19/10 & 21/10 – Book on foot 1
26/10 & 28/10 – Book on foot 2